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SaulPaul & Randy Mason Impromptu Performance at Harvard

We pulled up to the Hip Hop Ex Conference at Harvard to watch a biographical documentary in the works by Austin Texas rapper/educator Saul Paul. He and I met 5 years ago at the 2019 Harvard Hip Hop Ex conference. Back then I was very impressed with what he was doing and how he was doing it. The way he communicated, expressed his faith and artistry, free styled and engaged youth had me taking notes! He was playing guitar and rapping and he talked about how incorporating the guitar really helped his artistry rise to another level. It inspired me to lean in even more to what I was doing with the cajon drum. He gave me props after my set in 2019 and his words were like jet fuel. We remained in contact over the years. This year we reconnected again at Harvard and sure enough I had my cajon drum with me. During the Q&A after the screening SaulPaul asked me to play a beat on cajon for him to free style. It was a very cool full circle moment. God is great and I am grateful. Oh and yes, he quite effortlessly included the word epistemology in his free style. Hats off to a true champ.

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