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Some Thoughts on The Drake Kendrick Cole Rap Battle

I recently became aware of a rap battle between two mainstream rappers. Kendrick Lamar and Drake. I tried to listen to the records, but as expected the content was unbearable. The bars are nothing short of verbal violence. Heaping accusations, insults and threats. Still, I felt I there must be something of value in this. Sure enough, I came across something especially special.

Apparently J Cole got involved in the battle and released a diss record attacking Kendrick. I did not hear the record but I did watch a video of J Cole at a concert publicly apologizing on stage before thousands of his own fans for dissing Kendrick just days after releasing the song. Completely countercultural!

He went on to explain how he regretted his actions, how the whole thing made him feel terrible and how it disrupted his spirit, took him off of his path and robbed him of peace and sleep. He expressed love for Kendrick and that he wants no part of the negativity.

He admitted his foolishness and expressed a desire for God to help him get back on the right path. That was it! That is what I needed to see and hear. J Cole even went as far as to say if Kendrick wants to strike back he's okay with that and he'd be willing to take it on the chin, aka not retaliate aka turn the other cheek. Sound familiar?

I wonder how many marriages in crisis and on the verge of divorce would be saved if either partner were willing to do what Cole did. How many friendships restored? I wonder what would happen if leaders of warring countries followed Cole's example. How about political opponents? Religious groups? What if we were to humble ourselves before God in such a way? "Hey, I did that. I said that. I believed that. I let pride get the best of me. That was wrong. I was wrong. I want to make it right. I'm willing to wait if you're not ready for that just yet.

"For our battle is not against flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this [present] darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) places." -Paul

With this in mind I had a cup of coffee and wrote a few bars to a beat by my friend Dre Garcia.

It’s easy to rhyme 

Hard to repent 

It takes a lot to rise and shine 

But not to fall and descend

Amateurs run when the damage is done 

But to stay and say I’m weak 

Requires all of my strength 

To stay a day, a week 

However long is the length 

When I just want to respond 

And I don’t want to rescind 

The message already sent 

This is no foreign offense 

This is familiar 

This familia 

This is formerly friends 

This a florist in a forest 

Trying to forage all this foliage 

For a fit 


the way to flourish within 

They wanna know if I’m for or against 

I told them neither 

I’m not offended by what men did 

I’ve been mended by Jesus 

Walking with God in the garden again 

Whether you measure action or the intent 

Tell them that all of it’s meant 

To bring together what we normally rend

Instead of running toward an ominous end 

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