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For some strange reason it had to be, he guided me to Tennessee.

Marina, the kids and I had the great privilege of traveling to Chattanooga Tennessee to partner with the East Lake Expression Engine for their annual end of year youth music concert.

We drove from NY and listened to "Tennessee" by Arrested Development on the way.

I spent a few days working with students on a Hop Hop song to perform. The theme of the song is captured in the chant "I can do difficult things" 

A concept borrowed from an unreleased song of mine. Students wrote their own rhymes and even free styled about some of the challenges they face everyday. They also rapped about how and why they persevere, remain resilient and overcome.

Listening to them chant "I can do difficult things / you can do difficult things / we can do difficult things" was powerful! I hope that they recall the chant in future times of difficulty and perhaps find within it the spirit to rise to the occasion.

Hearing their stories encouraged me. It reminded me that if they can do it so can I. Special thanks to our friends at The East Lake Expression Engine for another opportunity to do this great work.

See you next year! 

You can watch the student performance at

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