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Impromptu Intergenerational Free Style At Harvard University

Impromptu jam at the Hip Hop Ex Annual conference at Harvard. Early morning before they opened the doors to the lecture hall where I'd be performing I sat in a quiet hallway to gather my thoughts. That's where I met a group of brilliant, jovial light bearers. Within a few seconds of our meeting we recognized our kinship and began to jam extemporaneously in the halls. It was indeed a divine and joyous encounter. Their talent was staggering. Their spirit, sensational!

What you don't see in this clip is that the jam continued on and on and that as people entered the building to register for the event (students, professors, youth and OGs) the first sight and sound they encountered was this beautiful spontaneous intergenerational session in the halls. The jam organically went from Hip Hop to gospel! On the other side of the door in the video is where DJ Whysham was setting up to open the event. She must of heard what was happening in the halls just on the other side of the wall because when the doors opened for everyone to enter the lecture hall the speakers and sub woofers were blasting soul stirring gospel jams. What a beautiful experience that was. God is great. I am grateful.

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