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Did I leave God "On Read"?

I had the privilege of sharing a short word at my church recently. Essentially I spoke about being left "on read" and how sometimes we leave God "on read" You know, we receive the text, we read the text but then do we actually respond to the text? "Left on read" refers to when a recipient has received and read but has not responded to a senders message.

I was driving to church one Sunday morning. While waiting at the stop light by a Home Depot in my neighborhood I looked out the window and spotted a group of day laborers. I remembered the text I had just recently read in Matthew 25:35 "I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink" Jesus said that. I thought about stopping to give the brothers by Home Depot something to drink but the light turned green and I kept driving. Did I just pass Jesus on my way to church? Did I leave God "on read'?  It took me a week to respond but eventually I did. I went back with a case of water for the brothers. They were glad. So was I. Don't leave God "on read"

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