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Randy Mason & Jamell Ogbonna aka J instrumental are a NYC based live instrumentation Hip Hop duo with an uplifting, interactive and often improvisational style of music. Their signature sound features an Afro Peruvian Cajon drum and piano or electric keyboard.

Randy is the emcee percussionist, rapping and drumming simultaneously while Jamell holds down the melody, singing and playing keys.

The two met in Randy’s hometown of NY when Jamell was still in High School living in Georgia. Jamell was inspired by videos he saw of Randy rapping on the NYC subway train, sometimes busking, sometimes ministering and hoped to one day play the trains too.

When Jamell came to NY for college he and Randy reconnected and started playing together at a local church where they served together on Sundays in the Bronx. Soon after that, they hit the trains, eventually they played their first concert together and the rest is history!

Randy Mason is the NY Director at Thrive Collective, an arts non profit creating hope and opportunity in and around schools through the arts and mentoring. Jamell Ogbonna is the founder of Soul Exp an arts and entertainment music, media and marketing company.

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