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What good is art when the world is falling apart? 2020 Quarantine Jam

Updated: Jan 21

A few rhymes I wrote at home during the height of the 2020 lockdown featuring a few talented and generous friends. We couldn't be together in person but that didn't stop us from creating and connecting. The video also features a few clips of friends sharing their experience when the world shut down. 

The video features  Edson Sean, Jon Souza, Brother E, Ganesboro, Danny Cruz, DJ Srv, Mark Bell, Alex of Conversing with oceans, J Instrumental, Phinestro, Randy Jr. Odane Whilby, (Beats by Jack Flip, Jonathan Reyes, Sam Trackz.

RIP Rev Efrain (Pastor E) Alicea 8/6/64 - 1/31/23  

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