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We Did That!

This week I was invited to be the spotlight artist on a BronxNet show called "Open Friday" hosted by Rhina Valentin. I decided to challenge myself to learn (in a short amount of time) and world premiere the cajon version of a brand new song called "Did That"

The song is about facing and overcoming fears and challenges . About doing difficult things. Mostly about doing the thing God has placed in your heart to do. "I was nervous and afraid but I did that / I could of walked away but I did that!"

The morning of the show I still didn't have the lyrics fully memorized. I felt peace though. I whispered the lyrics over and over tapping on my thigh and the drum waiting for showtime.

When it was time to get busy I stepped into the moment, not knowing whether or not the words would come correctly. It's exhilarating! One foot in the familiar (I know how to do this well) one foot in the unknown (I've not done it in this way before) Part familiar, part freestyle. Part order part chaos.

I did that! Experiencing God's provision is phenomenal. The Lord's prayer asks God to give us this day our daily bread. Today's bread. Today's bars. God is quite suspenseful. Sometimes terrifyingly so.

I did my part. I practiced. I showed up. I accepted that even if I mess up or if it doesn't go the way I want it to that would be okay too. The important thing was that I do what I felt lead to do. The rest was up to God.

I did that! We did that!

The show airs on Feb 2nd on BronxNet

The studio version of the song produced by Deca will be out in a few months. Can't wait.

Thanks for watching and reading. I appreciate you!

Pledge at to support and gain early access to my next music project.

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