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New music drops this week


Tomorrow (2/1/22) we're releasing new music. On my birthday! The song, "Andrew's Grandson" is named after my late grandfather Andrew Mason Senior and features my cousins Andrew and Tyree Mason, and my brother Wes Mason. My brother Wes is the reason I rhyme- he inspired me when I was just a kid. Our grandfather was a classic man, with style, charm, strength and a southern drawl. This is a family flex! Everybody came with bars. Theory Hazit added scratches on the hook and our producer Ganesboro laced the beat as always. Recorded remotely from 5 different cities and 2 countries. Hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

BTW if you're reading this blog that means you're a super supporter which means that you can hear the song now before it drops here. Thanks for listening.


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