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Microsoft, AI, Ice T & My Trustee Cajón

Today I had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with The Universal Hip Hop Museum and Microsoft to facilitate a Hip Hop songwriting workshop with teens at the Microsoft Garage office in NYC.

Participating youth were introduced to Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence music platform, made to help spark and generate ideas, lyrics, music and even album cover art based on user prompts. Surprise guest Rapper/actor Ice T spoke to the youth about his experience as an emcee. He and I helped the teens craft their lyrics and then ice T gave feedback on their performance in the end. During lunch break I got to chat with Ice T and even rhyme and play the cajón for him. He and his team were super gracious and kind. See his reaction here.

I had no idea that I'd be rapping and playing cajón for Ice T at Microsoft today. I had no idea that I'd meet, rap and write with an amazing group of teens either. I'm glad that I made myself available and that I brought my trustee Cajón. Thanks for reading. To support please visit Randy

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