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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 🍎

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 🍎

I wrote a fun rap in honor of all the amazing teachers in the world. Check it out here and be sure to take a minute this week to reach out and show some love to the teachers in your life. Don't know what to say? I got you covered. Learn the lyrics (posted below) sing/rap/play/dance along and send to a teacher in your life. Don’t forget to tag me when you do. 🙏🏽 The team at @nycthrive @r.h.y.m.e_nyc appreciates you. Much love, Randy


Hey Ms. / Hey Mr.

I appreciate you and the work you do

You teach / our children

And you keep them safe everyday in school

You wake / up early

And you travel on the bus on the train in the car

You leave / school late

Just to make sure everything is ready for tomor’

Your class / is full

And every student is unique with their own set of needs

So you / include

Lesson plans in a way to differentiate

That’s no / small feat

Trying to understand everybody in a seat

So at / PDs

Take notes ask questions and develop techniques

Sometimes / colleagues

May have a bad day didn’t get enough sleep

Might be / sneaky

Who sent the email with the blind CC

Oh my / last nerve

But it’s not about that but the kids you serve

So you / show up

With a smile on your face and coffee in your cup

Hey you / yes you

You may not work full time with the youth

But you / teach too

Sports, art, Sunday school

Hey coach / hey mentor

Hey Parent / care taker

hey bro / hey sis

We appreciate you and I know this /

I hope you feel loved and I hope you don’t quit /

I hope you get rest and all your roses /

And I hope you share this with someone who needs it /

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