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Hip Hop Student Breaks Out of Shell With 1st Public Performance Ever

Overjoyed to have one of our Bronx @nycthrive@r.h.y.m.e_nyc students come by to check out our show this week with @markbellondrums and @j_instrumental_ at @sofarnyc 👈🏽💥


Shortly before my set Nas asked if he can come up and freestyle. I was surprised! 😮 After gauging his seriousness. I said sure. At a fancy Hotel in Midtown Manhattan @arlohotels after watching 2 brilliant performers crush it (shout out to @iamfreddyhall and @getloosh) during the freestyle portion of my set, 18 year old Nas stood up and for the first time ever, rocked the mic and the crowd! In front of a room full of people that he had never met before. He spoke clearly and confidently. He let the people know this was his first time and that he was nervous. He thanked them for listening and then proceeded to embody and express the true, pure spirit of emceeing via rhyme, freestyle and crowd participation. The place erupted with love and praise. Watching him step into that moment inspires me to step into my own moments even when I’m afraid. Once again the teacher is privileged to learn from the student.


@void.2099 great job young man. We’re all proud of you. The best is yet to come.

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