• Randy Mason

God Can’t Heal What We Don’t Feel

“God can’t heal what we don’t feel” 👈🏽 Words from one of my mentors, Reverend Craig Dunn.

I cried at the kitchen table yesterday morning. Fortunately the dam and levee I built around my tear ducts were insufficient to keep back the flood from dampening the open page on the book set before me. Some things need the natural and necessary washing of tears. I’ve said that “Crying before God keeps me from crying before men” but sometimes (as reaffirmed by the Rev on our phone call last night) it’s also important to be able to cry before and with people. Too often we don’t, and so we sink on the inside within all that we refuse to show on the outside. Overwhelmed. Frustrated. Disappointed. Tired. Uncertain. I cried. Not because of any one thing but rather an accumulation of everything.

Thank God for Marina, my wife. She saw me. She came. Wrapped her arms around me. Listened to me. Encouraged me. Prayed for and with me. After the storm (the one inside and the one outside) we made our way over and around (literal and figurative) fallen trees and debris to the park to play and get some fresh air. The blue sky, the bright sun, the cool breeze of the afternoon- even amidst the power outages and storm riddled sidewalks and streets- were comforting. Even symbolic. There’s hope. After the rain comes the rhyme.

Remember that it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be weak. To feel finished. To feel insufficient, inadequate. To miss the mark. Even if it’s your own mark. Our humanity reminds us that we need God. Each and everyday I desperately need to stand on a rock that is higher than I. Today is no exception. 👈🏽

Be encouraged. Keep your head and hope high. The best is yet to come. 🙌🏽

Here’s a song to help you along the way:

“Be Okay” Randy Mason

Feat. Homeboy Sandman