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5 Artists, 4 Masons, 2 Generations of Masons, 2 Countries, 4 Cities, 1 Song.

Hey family,

I'm excited to share a new song featuring my actual big brother Wes and two of our cousins, Andrew and Tyree. Wes lives in Sweden. Andrew and Tyree live in Chicago and I'm in NY. Our producer, Ganesboro, who is not a Mason but fam and my brother none the less, lives in San Antonio Texas. That's 4 Masons, 2 generations of Masons, 2 countries, 4 cities and 1 amazing song named after 1 an incredible man. Our grandfather, Andrew Mason senior.

"Andrew's Grandson" is set to release on my birthday, February 1st.

You can join a few select friends and fam to hear the song before the rest of the world at where I'll be posting the song early for our supporters.

As always thanks for listening and sharing with your people.

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