A voice can convert victims into victors, and apathy into advocacy. Every student has one, finding and amplifying it is the art of MCing.


The Hip Hoppin' HeART School eMCees program gives students an opportunity to be heard- really heard. Instruments can be expensive, a voice box is invaluable. Through creative writing, rap, poetry, performance, improvisation, and audio recording, students learn the value of their internal instrument and how to use it effectively in all areas of life. From captivating a crowd with a freestyle rap on a NYC street corner to capturing the imagination of scholars at a lecture hall with a speech honed by Hip Hop- School eMCees learn how to leverage language through lyrics and literacy. Our flagship program The Hip Hoppin’ HeART Program started as an after school program at The Bronx Charter School For Children in the South Bronx and continues to expand serving students, schools and communities throughout NYC.